Die RifflerinDie Rifflerin


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„Die Rifflerin“?

You already asked yourself, what this could mean?

Tiroler Beerenkamm

And thought of a high mountain ? No, the name " Rifflerin " goes back to a hobby of our grandmother Emma Erber. Together with her son Gerold, Emma has built in the sixties a small guesthouse right at the place where today is Die Rifflerin. She has hosted guests almost 5 decades. And the passion of our Grandma Emma was the berries. The checker "Riffel" is a comb, which is used in traditional Tyrol for blueberry picking.

Rifflerin´s Berry Poems

When summer is at its summit in the Wilder Kaiser region , the time for berries has come. Discover the rewarding search of wild berries in the local forests . What berries can be found in our country and which delicious meals you can prepare from these, you will learn in our recipe book " Rifflerin's Beerengedichte", which we gladly give you as a gift to take home.